When is an exam attempt considered used and thus deducted from my subscription?

An attempt will be deducted each time you successfully submit an exam.

An attempt will NOT be deducted under these circumstances:

  • The proctor has to terminate your exam.
  • The proctor has to pause your exam and it cannot be resumed.
  • You lose internet connectivity midway through the exam and are unable to reconnect in time to resume the exam.
  • If an error or technical problems prevent you from completing the exam.

In the event of any technical issues preventing you from completing your exam, your proctor will advise you to schedule a new attempt at another time, after the issue has been resolved.  If the exam was terminated by the proctor, then you will need to create a new appointment.  Do not try to reschedule the appointment that is associated with the terminated result.

If you believe an attempt was deducted in error, please contact sapcertification@questionmark.com.