What should I do if I fail my exam?

If you fail an exam, you may schedule another attempt.  Do not reschedule the same appoinment; create a new appointment for the additional attempt. 

Your subscription does have a limited number of attempts, so you may only schedule another appointment if there are attempts remaining on your subscription.  Additionally, you may only attempt a given exam 3 times.  If you have not passed the exam after 3 attempts, you will not be permitted to schedule it again, until a new version is published.

What does the message "No valid booking was found based on the information provided" mean?

If you have SSO'ed from the SAP Training and Certification Shop into the Certification Hub and you see a warning message that states: "No valid booking was found based on the information provided. Please return to the webshop to review your subscription details." this means that the Ceritifcation Hub cannot find a subscription for your user account.  There are several reasons why this may occur.

I have purchased SAP Certification in the Cloud, what do I do next?

The Certificaton Hub is the system that delivers SAP Certification in the Cloud exams.  Access to the Certification Hub will provided appromximately 2 business days after purchase is complete.  Once access is granted, you will receive a welcome message with instructions about how to log in.  Access to the Certification Hub is always gained via the SAP Training and Certification Shop at