Examination Process

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Test and Prepare Equipment and Documents

Test your equipment prior to your exam date.  Utilize the System Test provided on this home page.  Contact Technical Support if you receive any warnings about your equipment.  Examinations are secure and remotely proctored.  You will be required to use certain technology to take the exam:

  • Questionmark Secure browser that you will need to download and install
    • Even if you have previously installed Questionmark Secure, you must upgrade to ensure you are now using an appropriate version.
    • v6.0.26+ is required for Windows
    • v6.0.19+ is required for Mac
  • Webcam
  • Microphone or headset
  • Broadband connection

Please consult this article for more information on technical requirements.

You will also be required to present two forms of identification to the proctor before your exam is released.  Both IDs must have your name and signature and one must be a valid, government-issued photo ID.  For specific information on acceptable forms of ID, please consult the FAQ document.

We highly recommend that you conduct a system test prior to your exam appointment. You can do this at anytime.

Install / Detect Questionmark Secure

Test Communication and Bandwidth

Schedule Exam

The available exams can be found under the Exam Dashboard menu.  You can schedule an appointment from the Dashboard.  The Dashboard will also track your exam results and the attempts remaining on your subscription.  We suggest that you schedule your exam far enough in advance to allow you the opportunity to test your equipment and to prepare your identification documents.

Take Exam

At the time of your appointment, you will be able to log into the Certification Hub from the SAP Training and Certification Shop.  You can start your exam from the Exam Appointments menu.  There are strict rules concerning the environment in which may take your exam.  The proctor will check the environment prior to releasing the exam.  An appropriate testing environment means:

  • You are alone in the room and will not be disturbed during your exam
  • The table or desk is clear of any materials
  • The room is quiet
  • Your cellphone is switched off and stowed away out of sight
  • Any desk phones are disconnected or blocked for incoming calls

For more information on environment requirements and proctoring procedures, please consult the FAQ and the Training and Certification Shop Help Center.