Yes, you can re-schedule an exam appointment prior to its start date and time. There is no penalty for re-scheduling and a re-scheduled appointment does not count as an attempt. You can do this from the Exam Appointments | Upcoming Appointments section in the Certification Hub.  Use the calendar icon to re-schedule an appointment.  Do not re-schedule an appointment associated with an incomplete attempt. 

Your subscription will contain a limited number of attempts.  CER006 provides six (6) attempts across the entire Certification in the Cloud (CitC) portfolio.

However, there are rules that govern how many times you can attempt any given exam. 

  • You can take your certification exams up to three (3) times each.
  • If you do not pass your certification exam after three (3) attempts, you will not be able to retake the exam until the next edition is released.

See also If I don’t pass the Cloud certification exam the first time, how frequently can I take it?

With passing a SAP Global Certification you will be issued via email with a digital badge that allows a real time verification so a download of a certificate will not needed anymore. The SAP Global Certification digital badge can easily be shared via social networks or email. You can also download a PDF.

You will be notified of your score, on-screen, immediately after completing your exam. The on-screen message will display your exam score and if you passed or failed the exam.  You will not be able to print the on-screen display of your score.  Additionally, your results - pass or fail - are tracked in Certification Hub and are displayed accordingly in your Exam Dashboard. 


Yes, you can use a Mac to take your exam.  You will need to download and install Questionmark Secure for Mac.

The Certificaton Hub is the system that delivers SAP Certification in the Cloud exams.  Access to the Certification Hub will provided appromximately 2 business days after purchase is complete.  Once access is granted, you will receive a welcome message with instructions about how to log in.  Access to the Certification Hub is always gained via the SAP Training and Certification Shop at https://training.sap.com/shop/certification/.  You can single-sign-on (SSO) into the Certification Hub form the Training and Certification.Shop

You must sign into the SAP Training and Certification Shop with the SAP Web UID ID or S-User under which you purchased your subscription for the SSO to the Certification Hub to work properly.

Before Purchase After Purchase


If you fail an exam, you may schedule another attempt.  Do not reschedule the same appoinment; create a new appointment for the additional attempt. 

Your subscription does have a limited number of attempts, so you may only schedule another appointment if there are attempts remaining on your subscription.  Additionally, you may only attempt a given exam 3 times.  If you have not passed the exam after 3 attempts, you will not be permitted to schedule it again, until a new version is published.

Please consult this document to learn more about how SAP's online proctoring works.

Please use the “SAP-Internet” connection instead of “SAP-Corporate”.


For Appointments Made on or after 12-Sep-2018

Taking an exam is easy, but because the exams are secure and proctored there are some technical requirements.  There are two primary things that need to be setup prior to taking your exam:

  1. Questionmark Secure
  2. Real-time Communication Components

Preparing Questionmark Secure

  1. Install Questionmark Secure v6.0.25+, the specialized browser that works with the exam delivery system. There is a Windows and a Mac client.  The link below will enable youo to install and detect the version of Questionmark Secure installed. 
  2. Use this link to detect installation of Questionmark Secure:  Install/Detect Questionmark Secure
  3. If you have a previous version of Questionmark Secure installed, we recommend uninstalling the older version before installing the required version.
  4. Download the appropriate version of Questionmark Secure for your operating system
  5. Install Questionmark Secure
  6. Click on "2 Launch". This will invoke a webpage that requires Questionmark Secure and if installed, display the version. You may need to close prohibited applications. Common prohibited applications include: Outlook, Skype for Business (Lync), GoToMeeting, and SnagIT.

download Questionmark Secure

close prohibited applications

close prohibited applications


Real-time Communication Components

  1. Ensure the following are functional and enabled for real-time communication
    1. A working built-in or external webcam and microphone
    2. Internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.
    3. Browser with pop-up blocker disabled
    4. Use this link to test real-time communication components:  Test real-time communication components and bandwidth
    5. The real-time communication with the proctor is accomplished using a Zoom meeting. Zoom is a web conferencing application, and you'll be prompted to install or run it in the process of connecting with the proctor. You don't have to install it ahead of time.

The name on your exam appointment must match the name on your photo identification.  Your photo ID (e.g. Passport, Driving License, etc.) will be checked by the proctor prior to taking your exam. You will be required to present two forms of valid (i.e. not expired) identification. Both IDs must have your name (written in Latin letters) and one must be a valid, government-issued photo ID.  The name on your IDs must match the name in your personal profile at the SAP Identity service and under which your appointment will be recorded.

Valid means of identification can be:

  • government-issued passport *
  • photo card driving license
  • Military
  • Bank/ Credit Card

Please note there is an exception for China, Japan, and Korea.

ID Accepted for China, Japan, and Korea:

  • International passport in Latin letters (no second ID necessary)
  • a credit card with Latin Letters and also a local written government-issued ID with a picture



You can set your local time zone in Certification Hub by:

  1. clicking My Account
  2. editing your user's Locale settings
  3. selecting your local Time zone from the list provided.
  4. save the update to your account

Setting your local time zone is important because it will affect the exam appointment times available to you.  If you do not set your local time zone, then the system will default to using the UTC time zone and all dates-times will presented as UTC.

An attempt will be deducted each time you successfully submit an exam.

An attempt will NOT be deducted under these circumstances:

  • The proctor has to terminate your exam.
  • The proctor has to pause your exam and it cannot be resumed.
  • You lose internet connectivity midway through the exam and are unable to reconnect in time to resume the exam.
  • If an error or technical problems prevent you from completing the exam.

In the event of any technical issues preventing you from completing your exam, your proctor will advise you to schedule a new attempt at another time, after the issue has been resolved.  If the exam was terminated by the proctor, then you will need to create a new appointment.  Do not try to reschedule the appointment that is associated with the terminated result.

If you believe an attempt was deducted in error, please contact sapcertification@questionmark.com.

You should plan to start your exam at the time of your scheduled appointment.  The "start exam" link will be displayed to you as early as 15 minutes prior to your appointment, but the proctor may not be available until the appointment start time.  The link is displayed prior to the appointment so you can ensure the proper functioning of your computer prior to taking the exam.

The "start exam" link will remain available to you for 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment.  This leeway is provided in case you require some extra time to sort out technical problems that you may encounter.

In sum, you have a 30-minute window for starting your exam but you should plan to start at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Technical problems can occur.  We will do our best to resolve them in a timely fashion and to reduce the impact on your ability to perform on the exam.  If during the exam you encounter a computer malfunction or lose your internet connection, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Don't panic. Leave your computer as is and check your power supplies, network cables, and any other physical resources that may have cause the loss of connection.
  2. When the proctor detects that you have lost your connection, the proctor will automatically pause the exam to preserve its integrity.
  3. If you are able to re-establish the connection without shutting down your computer, then it should be possible to communicate with the proctor again and for the proctor to unlock your exam so you may resume.
  4. If you are unable to re-establish connection after 5 minutes, the proctor is required to terminate the exam.  In this case, an attempt will not be deducted from your subscription.  You will need to schedule a new appointment for the exam. Do not try to reschedule the appointment that is associated with the terminated result.

If you need additional assistance you can email sapcertification@questionmark.com at any time from the Certification Hub.