Yes, it is possible to cancel an exam appointment prior to starting the appointment.  You can do this from the Exam Appointments | Upcoming Appointments section in the Certification Hub.  Use the trash can icon to cancel an appointment.  The appointment will then appear in the Previous Appointments section of this page with a status of "Deleted."  You will not lose an attempt for a cancellation.

If you have SSO'ed from the SAP Training and Certification Shop into the Certification Hub and you see a warning message that states: "No valid booking was found based on the information provided. Please return to the webshop to review your subscription details." this means that the Ceritifcation Hub cannot find a subscription for your user account.  There are several reasons why this may occur.

  1. You have not purchased a Certification Hub subscription or your purchase is still being processed.  --> Purcahse the Certification in the Cloud (CitC) product from the Training and Certification Shop.
  2. The subscritpion (booking) information has not yet been transmitted from the Shop to the Certification Hub.  --> Contact your local SAP Education Office or e-learning@sap.com to inquire about the status of the booking.
  3. You have multiple SAP user accounts and the account that you used to SSO into Certification Hub is not the account to which your subscription is assigned.  --> Contact your local SAP Education Office or e-learning@sap.com to inquire which SAP Web User ID is associated with your subscription.

When you schedule an exam appointment, your first and last name are recorded on the appointment and the proctor must check that the appointment name matches that found on your two forms of identification.  If the name does not match, then the proctor will not release your exam.

The first and last name used to create your appointment come from your SAP user account.  You can manage your profile in the Training and Certification Shop by clicking My Account | My Profile.  If you have an appointment under an inaccurate name, we suggest that you do the following:

  1. Change your name appropriate in the Training and Certification Shop.
  2. SSO from the Shop to the Certification Hub and schedule a NEW  appointment.  
  3. Do not reschedule the old appointment with the inaccurate name.  It will not get updated with your new name.

You can obtain Questionmark Secure at the following URL.  Note that there are different versions for Windows and Mac.


The name on your exam appointment must match the name on your photo identification.  Your photo ID (e.g. Passport, Driving License, etc.) will then be checked by the proctor prior to taking your exam. You will be required to present two forms of valid (i.e. not expired) identification. Both IDs must have your name and signature and one must be a valid, government-issued photo ID.  The name on your IDs must match the name in your personal profile at the SAP Identity service and under which your appointment will be recorded.

Valid means of identification can be:

  • signed government-issued passport *
  • signed photo card driving license
  • signed Military
  • Bank/ Credit Card

* A passport can be accepted as a primary form of ID for a candidate even if it does not have a signature, as long as it is determined to be valid and there is no designated place for a signature (e.g. biometric passport). When presenting a biometric passport with no signature, candidates are required to present a secondary form of identification with full name and signature, e.g. a debit or credit card.

Before the proctor comes online it is essential to ensure that you are located in a room which adheres to the testing environment requirements as your proctor will check this prior to allowing you to start your exam. An appropriate testing environment means:

  •  You are alone in the room and will not be disturbed during your exam experience 
  • The table or desk is clear of any materials 
  • The room is quiet 
  • Your cellphone is switched off and stowed away out of sight 
  • Any desk phones are disconnected or blocked for incoming calls

You can take an exam wherever it's convenient for you.  However, your exam will be proctored and must be kept secure. 

Ensure you are in a quiet and secure location. We do not allow exams in public locations where others are within speaking distance or may be able to walk into the room, have access to your computer, or where you can become distracted while taking your exam. You must be in a room alone throughout the course of your exam.

Our proctors will ask that you rotate your webcam prior to beginning your exam. Please ensure your computer area contains only permitted items approved by your exam sponsor for the area. Any whiteboards or bulletin boards must be cleared, erased or covered. If they are to your back they are exempt from this rule. Any cell phones, tablets, or other communication or recording devices must be removed from the computer area.

Only one screen may be active during your exam session.  If you use more than one monitor, they need to be disconnected and turned facing away from you. Please check your screen resolution settings that they are not set to an extended displays setting.

Follow these instructions to determine if your computer meets the requirements for taking the exam.

While you are expected to schedule an exam appointment, it should be possible to obtain a convenient date and time.  If you are receiving the message, "No times available," when attempting to schedule an exam appointment, then you may be doing something wrong or there may be a problem with how the exam is configured in the system.  Please use the following checklist to try to resolve this problem.

  • Is your time zone set properly? See "How and where can I set my time zone in?"
  • Did you select the correct time of day?  For example, no times will be available if the current time is in the evening and you've selected "morning" for time range on today's date.
  • Are any times appearing or does the list of available times say "No Available Times?"  If some times are appearing, but not the ones you expect, then please check your time zone and ensure you are selecting a time of day in the future, if you are scheduling for the current date.

If the system is displaying "No Times Available," then please report this to sapcertification@questionmark.com and please specify:

  • Exam Code and Name
  • Your time zone
  • Requested date and time of day

The Certification in the Cloud (CitC) exam portfolio will change over time.  Some exams may not yet be offered via CitC and other exams may have been retired and replaced by a new version and new exam code.  For the official list of the exams included in CitC, please consult the SAP Training and Certification Shop at https://training.sap.com/shop/certification-hub/.  If the exam is not listed in the Shop, then you should not expect to find it in the Certification Hub.

No.  The following envrionments are not supported:

  • Google Chrome Books
  • Apple iPads/iPad minis
  • Android Tablets
  • Microsoft Tablets
  • Linux systems

Proctors only speak English. 

Yes, it is essential that the computer you use is equipped with a Webcam or you have an external camera fitted.

You can ask the proctor for help, if you encounter a technical problem.  You will be able to use chat and audio to communicate with the proctor before the exam begins.  Once the exam beings, you will be to use only audio to communicate with the proctor.

There will be a short optional survey at the end of your exam which you can use to provide feedback to SAP on your exam experience. Otherwise if you have a complaint please contact your local SAP Education office for assistance.