If you have logged into the SAP Training and Certifcation Shop, browsed to Certifications and see the message "we were unable to validate your subscription," then you have either:

  • not yet purchased a subscription to the Certificaton in the Cloud (CitC) exams
  • your purchase is still being processed
  • you have logged in under a user different from that under which the purchased is assigned

For assistance with your purchase or to assign it to a different users, please contact your local SAP Education Office or send and e-mail to e-learning@sap.com.


Yes. Prior to starting the exam, there will be a “chat” window available.  Once the exam has started, you will need to communicate with the proctor verbally. 

No. It is not possible to take a break during the exam.

Please contact your local SAP Education office at least two weeks before the exam to discuss the situation.

First and foremost you should take all necessary measures to protect your own safety and the safety of others. If this is ensured you should then use email or chat and get advice on possible next steps.