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Did your exam launch?

Your exam will only launch if you have Questionmark Secure installed.  The secure browser will automatically run when a secure exam is initiated.  You should have heard a system beep and been presented with a dialog like the one depicted below.  If you did not hear the beep or see this dialog, then you probably do not have Questionmark Secure installed and working properly.

Note that even after you click "OK" to this dialog, you will likely need to close the forbidden applications that Questionmark Secure detects. The commonly found forbidden applications include:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Microsoft Lync
  3. SnagIt
  4. GoToMeeting
  5. Task Manager

Questionmark Secure will inform you of these applications in a series of dialogs similar to the one depicted below. In this case, Questionmark Secure detects the screen capture utility known as SnagIt.

If you did not see these dialogs from Questionmark Secure, then you need to install Questionmark Secure before you can launch the exam. For more information about how to obtain Questionmark Secure, you can also refer to the FAQ document in the Certification Hub.